2012 Annual Meeting and Service Awards

In 2012, the Capital Area Health Alliance celebrated its 18th Anniversary. The Guest Speaker at this year’s meeting was Carol Estwing Ferrans, PhD, University of Illinois (Carol Ferrans' Biography). The meeting was held on December 12, 2012 at 8:00am, at the Hannah Community Center, 819 Abbott Road, East Lanisng, Michigan.

The volunteers who serve have made the Alliance’s committees vibrant, compelling and committed to the issues they have embraced. At each Annual Meeting the Alliance presents the Community Service Awards, Nursing Excellence Award, Physician Recruitment and Retention Leadership Award, and Certificates of Appreciation to individuals and organizations that have been instrumental in the region in creating, leading or furthering the mission, goals and values of the Capital Area Health Alliance.

Service Awards

Each year the Capital Area Health Alliance has the extraordinary pleasure of recognizing the service that is offered to this community by some of our fellow citizens in Service Awards. This year we have some exceptional nominees that are divided into four categories: Nursing Excellence, Community Service for Individuals and Organizations, and Physician Recruitment & Retention Leadership Award. Please join us in congratulating these colleagues who have contributed so much to the health of our community.

Nursing Excellence Award 2012 Nominee

  • Kim Alexander, RN, BSN, MBA

  • June Gillespie, RN, BSN
  • Dilsey (Dede) Moseley, RN, MSN
  • Debra Nault, RN, MSN, CMN
  • Mary Alice Scoblic, RN, MSN
  • Michelle Wiseman, RN, MPA, CHPN, NHA

Nursing Excellence Award 2012 Honoree

  • Michelle Milam, RN, BSN

Physician Recruitment & Retention Leadership Award 2012 Honoree


  • William Gifford, MD

Community Service & Corporate Responsibility 2012 Nominees


  • Capital Area District Libraries
  • New Freedom Care A Van (Clinton Area Transit System)

Community Service & Coporate Responsibility Award 2012 Honoree

  • Ingham Health Plan

Community Service Award 2012 Individual Nominees


  • Creative Wellness Team (Chris Reay, Irene Savoyat)
  • Healthy! Capital Counties Project Planning Staff (Anne Barna, Cassandre Larrieux, Ross Pope)

  • Kimberley Singh, MA, CHES

Community Service Award 2012 Individual Honoree

  • Larry Leatherwood

2012 Community Service Awards Nomination

2012 Nursing Excellence Award Nomination

2012 Physician Retention Leadership Nomination